January Gardening Tips

1)      You may wish to recycle your Christmas tree this month, if you bring your tree to our car park area the local council will collect it and turn it into a wonderfully acidic mulch for your borders.

2)      Dig over any vacant plots you may have this month, as the frost gets into that freshly dug soil it will help to produce a crumbly tilth ready for the planting season, you could also double dig some farmhouse manure into the soil as this will provide the ground with much needed nutrients.

3)      January is the perfect month to prune any apple or pear trees you have. It is very important to prune fruit trees annually as this will help to encourage fruiting spurs that will provide you with bumper crops every autumn.

4)      It is also a time for us all to reflect on the abundance of bird life that we have in our gardens, all summer long they hoover up aphids and other pests in the garden and as the temperature drops we must give a little back. Tempt them with fat balls or delight their avian taste buds with peanuts or niger seed.

5)      Build a structure over your peaches and nectarines this month so you can cover them with clear plastic sheeting or fibre fleece to keep the winter rains from causing peach leaf curl, a nasty leaf deforming fungal infection that stone fruits are prone to.

6)      Place a ball or float in your pond to help prevent it from freezing over. Fish and other pond life may stress or die if your pond freezes totally.

7)      Water houseplants sparingly over winter, keep them barely moist and provide as much sunlight as you can throughout the winter. Also try to avoid placing them on window sills or anywhere where they may chill.

8)      Put your green fingers to use during January by sowing Antirrhinum, Geraniums and Lobelia in heated propagators, indoors. You can also sow sweet peas this month and any that you may have sown in the autumn could be potted on.

9)      January is a fine time to do any lawn edge repairs or re-shapes. We would recommend a sharp halfmoon lawn edger and a plumb line or old hose pipe in order to create a crisp straight line or a wonderful wavey border.

Anyone who thinks that gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year. For gardening begins in January with the dream
~Josephine Nuese