February Gardening Tips

⦁ Start sowing lettuce, radish, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and khol rabi indoors this month. Sow into seed trays with a gritty seed compost, water in and cover then place on a sunny windowsill and wait for germination to occur.

⦁ For a superb display of summer colour start sowing marigolds, nasturtium, nicotiana and sweet peas indoors this month using the same method mentioned above.

⦁ Brighten up these late winter days by planting out some gorgeous winter/spring colour in tubs, pots or baskets. Primroses, Violas, Pansies and Cyclamen under planted with spring bulbs and a few small evergreen shrubs or grasses should bring sunshine to the dullest of days.

⦁ Keep an eye on the weather if we get a flurry of snow it is important to remove any from your evergreens as the weight may cause breakage. Also cover any tender shrubs with fibre fleece.

⦁ Late Feb is the perfect time to prune your deciduous summer flowering shrubs. Also prune Wisteria this month reducing stems back to three buds in order to promote flowering spurs. You can also prune any winter flowering shrubs that have finished blooming.

⦁ Re pot any permanent pots this month using a fresh compost. If it is unrealistic to use a larger pot remove a third of the plants root ball and re pot back into the existing pot.

⦁ As the weather remains cool and we still keep our heating on stand your house plants on a tray of moist gravel to help produce humidity. Keep your house plants barely moist until the weather warms.

⦁ Protect the blossoms of your apricots, nectarines and peaches this month. Use fleece fleece stretched over a bamboo framework so as not to smother your blossoms and you should reap a fine yield.

⦁ Dead head your amaryllis when the blooms are spent leave the flower stem to die down naturally, keep feeding and watering and you may be rewarded with a second flush of bloomage around August.


⦁ Prune ornamental vines, ivy, Virginia creeper and Boston ivy in February. Remove any vigorous growth from gutters and windows.

The word February is believed to have derived from the name ‘ Februa’ taken
from the Roman ‘Festival of Purification’.
The root ‘februo’ meaning, ‘I purify by sacrifice’.
This is the time of the ‘Ice moon’ according to pagan beliefs.