December Gardening Tips

  1. Remove the first 3-5cm of stump from the base of your Christmas tree and place in a water holding stand. Position your tree away from radiators and fire places and keep your stand topped up with water in order to prevent needle drop.

  2. Prune free standing apples and pears this month (not those trained against a wall)

  3. Harvest leeks, parsnips, winter cabbage, sprouts and any remaining root crops this month.

  4. If necessary prune Acers, Birches and Vines before Christmas to prevent them from bleeding.

  5. As the weather outside is cold and the light levels are low, it is important to reduce the watering of your houseplants. You can almost allow them to dry out completely before watering.

  6. Continue to remove fallen leaves from the lawn and borders this month. Place your discarded foliage in a perforated bin liner and water in. By this time next year you should have a rich leaf mould for your borders.

  7. Clear up any weedy borders in preparation for a spring mulch.

  8. Raise patio containers and pots up on pot feet to aid drainage and prevent frost damage occurring.


In the bleak mid-winter

Frosty wind made moon

Earth stood hard as iron

Water like a stone