August Gardening Tips


  • Give your Wisteria a late summer prune , restrict the growth of vigorous leafy shoots to encourage an abundance of flower bud next spring.

  • Give your hedges a trim this month be sure to use the correct pruning tools; large leaved hedges like Prunus laurocerasus require pruning with secateurs and Buxus  or Ligustrum could be pruned with sharp shears.

  • Harvest Sweetcorn when the tassels begin to fade, they need to be used fairly quickly as the sweetness will etiolate. Other veg may be harvested when ready.

  • When all the fruit has been harvested from your summer fruiting Raspberries cut back the fruited canes to ground level.

  • Avoid applying lawn fertilisers and lawn weedkillers this month as they will be more effective applied in the autumn when the weather is cooler and rainfall more abundant. Continue to mow on a high level cut to avoid stressing the turf in drought conditions. 

  • WATER-it is essential to water containers and newly planted shrubs during the summer, where possible use grey water. 

  • You can sow hardy annuals like Nigella, Centaurea (cornflower), wildflower poppy and Ragged Robin in situ at the end of August to guarantee a proliferation of bloomage next year. 

  • Keep dead-heading your bedding plants throughout August to ensure an amplitude of blooms throughout August and September. 

  • You can begin planting spring flowering bulbs in August, you could plant in borders, containers or even in the lawn. Plant your bulbs at the correct depth and use bulb fibre as a planting medium or some coarse grit in poorly drained soils. 

  • You may still sow batches of mixed salad leaves, Pak Choi and lettuce varieties this month for a quick salad fix before the autumn weather turns unfavourable. 

Throughout the soft and timeless days of August

Till now the shadows begin to grow much longer

The sunsets fire has deepened blood red

I give you this, the last Rose of summer.

( Judas Priest- Last Rose of Summer. )