April Gardening Tips

1)   As we move into April, the seeds you sowed at the beginning of the year will need re-potting in preparation of planting out next month. You could also sow herbs (not basil), hardy annuals like Nigella, Alysum and Cornflowers outdoors along with veg like Chard, Beetroot and Carrots.

2)   Set the blades on your lawn mower for a summer cut. You can lightly scarify your lawn as well as applying a spring / summer lawn fertiliser. If moss is a problem, apply lawn sand in place of a fertiliser.

3)   Give your borders a generous mulch, we recommend Mulch & Mix and a blended farmhouse Manure. This will help lock in moisture and quell any weed growth.

4)   Keep an eye on the weather this month as frosts are always probable. You may need to cover the blossoms on your fruit trees with some fleece.

5)   As the days lengthen and temperatures steadily rise, increase the watering of your house plants allowing them to drain fully. You may also feed with Baby Bio. 

6)   Apply a top dressing of a balanced fertiliser to your borders this month. Avoid contact with the plants foliage and lightly fork the fertiliser into the soil. 

7)   You can foliage feed your Buxus this month with Topbuxus Health Mix. This will green up your plants and help prevent the infestation of box blight.

8)   Divide large congested waterlilies when the start to show signs of growth. Any aquatics that you have not divided you could feed with a slow release fertiliser.

9)   Place plant supports around your perennials this month before they become too large and subsequently flop around your borders. 

The elm, the ash and the linden tree
The dark and deep enchanted sea
The trembling moon and the stars unfurled
There she goes my beautiful world 

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds